Lenovo Legion 2 Pro wins Ig Nobel Prize for DxOMark: Painful Display

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There are so many features that a gaming phone must have and one, perhaps the most important, is the quality display. A gamer cannot afford to have a poor quality screen and yet Lenovo seems to have failed to calculate this. Lenovo Legion 2 Pro is the last in the ranking for DxOMark, winning the Ig Nobel Prize as worst of worst. Let's see what the experts have to say.

A gaming phone must focus a lot on the display, as well as on the audio: in the first case Lenovo Legion 2 Pro does not and DxOMark rejects it!

In gaming smartphones, the screen plays an important role, along with the processor. Therefore, the DxOMark experts have decided to evaluate how things stand with this parameter with the Lenovo Legion Phone 2 Pro. never seen such a horrible sight.

lenovo legion 2 pro: the display is worth it for dxomark

The device is entirely designed for mobile gaming enthusiasts. It has two cooling methods for the internal components, trigger tactile and a unique front camera layout for streaming. As for the screen, there is a 6.6 ″ OLED display with Full HD + resolution and refresh rate of 144 Hz. However, the manufacturer has clearly saved on this detail.

lenovo legion 2's display brightness is worth it for dxomark
This is the uniformity of brilliance: the Lenovo Legion 2 Pro is the first on the left

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Immediately it is worth talking about the identified shortcomings. On the road, the screen simply lacks brightness, which is why it is difficult to see what is depicted on it. In low light, HDR10-enabled videos turn out too dark, making it awkward to watch. With photographs in similar conditions, same problem. Furthermore, the display has uneven backlighting and the color rendering is also very different in the different parts of it. 

Experts have pointed to the benefits as one good readability at home, a good reaction to touches in games, and no visible flicker. The smartphone received the highest score for handling artifacts, but that doesn't cover its flaws. In all tests, the display of the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel only scored 53 points, the lowest score in the history of DxOMark.

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