Lenovo Legion Y90 better than a PC: smartphone tested with 18GB of RAM and 1TB of storage

According to the official account of the benchmarking platform Master Lu, today the smartphone with model number “Lenovo L71061” has been added to the database. The gaming phone appears equipped with a Snapdragon 8 processor, has 18GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. His execution score is 1,11 million and the fluency score is 202,84 points.

Lenovo Legion Y90 better than a PC: smartphone tested with 18GB of RAM and 1TB of storage

The image shows that the Lenovo Legion Y90 continues the design of the Legion 2 Pro predecessor and the overall layout is horizontal. The Legion is also the only mobile phone product in the industry that adopts this layout.

At the same time, it can be clearly seen that the new phone has two built-in active turbo cooling fans and there is a large Y logo with bright blue RGB in the center of the rear of the fuselage.

According to official data, the Lenovo Legion Y90 is equipped with the Frost Blade Cooling Mobile system. The dual fan active cooling capacity is 300% higher than the previous generation and can provide an additional 4W of performance release.

It is reported that the Lenovo Legion Y90 will be equipped with a 4-inch Samsung E6,9 OLED screen at the front with a resolution of 2460 × 1080, which supports a refresh rate of 144Hz and a touch sample rate of 720 Hz.

20 November 2022 06: 18
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Updated on: 20 November 2022 06:18

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