LG Rollable, the "rollable" smartphone is shown at CES 2021

Although this CES 2021 is rather "different" from the usual, as all companies try their hand at video cameras to present their products in streaming, because as we all know, in this pandemic it is better to limit appropriate gatherings, there is no shortage of surprises truly unique.

In particular it is the LG company that has left everyone stunned by showing, in a few but intense seconds, its innovative idea about the smartphones of the future, namely LG Rollable, which compared to the "classic" folding solutions, boasts a 6,8-inch rollable displau capable of expanding up to a 7,4-inch diagonal, with a shape factor in 20: 9. LG Rollable is shown in the very last moments that conclude the LG conference at CES 2021.

LG Rollable, the "rollable" smartphone is shown at CES 2021

LG Rollable is shown in the last 10 seconds of the video, in action while the extended display returns to the original diagonal. The innovative smartphone from the South Korean house should be powered by the latest Snapdragon 888 SoC as well as boasting 16 GB of RAM. A real monster of power, which should give a hard time to all the top of the range of 2021, although LG Rollable will never boast a numerical extension in terms of sales.


And the reason is soon said, considering that according to rumors, the price of the device could be around 1925/1950 euros. In short, a dream for many, a reality for a few, but when in doubt we look forward to March 2021, the period in which LG Foldable could be marketed.

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