AI in China repairs blackout failures in record time

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THEIA, Artificial Intelligence, will gain an increasingly prominent place in our lives. In more developed countries, where technology does the work of the human being, this is already happening. Specifically, let's go to China and talk about the electricity grid. According to how much we learn from South China Morning Post, the Chinese state-owned power grid company launched the nation's most powerful artificial intelligence for electricity distribution.

The AI, or Artificial Intelligence, in China is able to do maintenance on the electricity grid and repair huge damage in just 3 seconds when it would take hours

The Chinese state-owned electricity supply company has just introduced a new system implemented with Artificial Intelligence. This would be able to solve any power problem in just 3 seconds. What's strange you say? Simple: these problems could previously be solved in a time frame between the 6 and the 10 hours with manual work. As efficient and powerful as the new system is, it isn't operational everywhere. In fact, it was only tested for a month in Qitailu, a residential community with more than 200 families located in Urumqi, in the Xinjiang region.

to the electricity grid

The new community electricity grid has more sensors than traditional networks and each of these sensors has its own "brain" capable of autonomously choose the most efficient supply routes and practicable. In the event of an error, no human intervention is required, significantly speeding up all network-related activities. If a fault occurs, the system is designed to instantly start the function self-repair, including automatic fault location, fault isolation and power recovery.

Local authorities have said that afterwards, once the system is run in, the AI ​​for electricity it will also arrive in other cities. This system, if we look at the world energy crisis, where China is the first world producer, would allow one much less waste than before.

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