LIVE: TicWatch PRO - Battery test

Today we try the battery of the TOP of the range from Mobvoi, the TicWatch Pro. On paper, MOBVOI ensures incredible battery performance. Could it be true?

Yesterday I received my TicWatch PRO and, removed from the box, the battery indicator showed 68%. The first Android Wear configuration, however, drained badly, bringing the battery of the smartwatch to about 30% after about 48 minutes.

Nothing to worry about. Not everyone knows, in fact, that other smartwatches for the first configuration even require to be positioned on the charging base. Evidently the initial configuration is heavy.

The TicWatch PRO is equipped with a superimposed dual display, an AMOLED display in the “lower deck” and a transparent “LCD” display in superimposition. The intent of this technical solution (which will be better explained in the in-depth review) is precisely to save battery by using the OLED display only when it is really needed.

Using this "mixed" OLED / LCD mode from 14:30 yesterday afternoon I arrived in the evening (around 22:00) with a 28% charge. Not too bad!

But, since the test must be done well, I decided to put the smartwatch to charge and take it back this morning with a load.

Ready for the LIVE test?


Wake up early this morning. It will be a busy day. The battery charger did its job very well, 100% battery and now GO! FOR NEW AND MIRABULATING ADVENTURES!


A couple of hours have passed ... I use mild, almost entirely in LCD except for some notification and the calculation of my miserable 819 steps. Result? we are at 95%.


We are at 13:30. I didn't use it that much this morning. Several notifications especially of emails and Telegram messages but poco more. about 7 and a half hours have passed at this time and the battery marks 80%. For now, the average consumption of 3% per hour is confirmed. According to this estimate we should do about 33 hours that is poco less than 1 and a half days. Let's see how we get to tonight.


We are at 16:00 and the percentage has dropped to 70% also seen a small restart after the Google assistant decided to strike and freeze the clock.


Take the fateful 12 hours and, as they say ... we are half done if our goal is to cover the day for 24 hours. The remaining battery percentage is 64%, perfectly in line with our 3% / h. The test continues….


We are at 22pm, and having started the day at 00am we are tired. The battery scores 6% and for a full day it's not bad at all. But let's see the 00 hours strike ...

(+1) 07:00

Here we are, 7:00 the next day. During the night the watch was always on the wrist so, I guess, it turned on a few times during the night movements. The battery scores 30%.

(+1) 14:30

And this morning is gone too. It's 14:30 pm and the smartwatch is approaching the fatal 5% battery. At this percentage the device should automatically switch to "Essential Mode" ensuring basic functionality but a much longer battery life.
Let's see, once this mode will be activated, how long will this last 5% last.

(+1) 15:00

The "Essential Mode" is activated now ... we are about to attend the last phase of this Test. If you want a preview of what essential mode can do I leave you this Video.

(+4) 18:30

After practically 2 and a half days of Essential Mode, the smartwatch turned off.
Definitely NOT BAD considering the fact that the device entered Essential mode with 5% remaining battery. Making a short calculation 2.5 days with 5% should mean well over 30 days with full charge.

Essential mode hasn't been around for long, it is… ESSENTIAL.
Time, date, pedometer and cardio when needed. No notifications, apps, etc ... but not risking to find yourself with a "thing off" hanging on your wrist is in my opinion a good thing.

What do you think Has this dual mode solution convinced you?

Let me know here in the comments.

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