Logitech is preparing (and improving over the Switch) its portable console

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Personally, I have always preferred power to functionality, or rather to comfort. I own one Nintendo Switch and I'm not going to change it to a PlayStation or Xbox. They are tastes: I have no interest in particular games, but only in mobile fun Logitech will it meet my interests? Yes, and it will do it together with Tencent. He is in fact preparing a portable console similar to Steam deck, but with a peculiarity: it will be played only in the cloud. Let's see the details.

Logitech and Tencent are joining forces and are preparing a portable console similar to Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck, but better from a certain point of view

Logitech and Tencent Games announced a partnership to bring one to the market by the end of the year console for cloud gaming. This will combine Logitech's hardware expertise and Tencent's in software services. A perfect combination of streaming services, or rather in the cloud, and a performing platform. The video game market is developing a lot in this sense: even Xbox and Sony have been working on it for some time.

The new device will support multiple cloud gaming services, and both companies stand working with Xbox Cloud Gaming teams e NVIDIA GeForce NOW, so that gamers can play AAA games when away from their console or PC.

logitech prepares its nintendo switch
Valve's Steam Deck

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Logitech and Tencent Games share a common vision for the future of gaming and are committed to ensuring that the quality of the experience comes together seamlessly to deliver on the exciting promise of gaming from the cloud. Cloud gaming uses i data center server for video game streaming. There is no need to download or install games for PC or console, therefore. Instead, games are rendered on remote servers while users interact with them locally on their devices.

Daniel Wu, general manager of Tencent Games Smart Solution Innovation Lab, says:

Logitech G's leadership in PC and console gaming equipment makes Tencent Games an ideal partner to help us realize the vision of delivering a better gaming experience to gamers around the world. Today marks the beginning of a new opportunity for our businesses to push the frontiers of gaming devices further

Clearly nothing is yet known about the technical and design of the Logitech mobile console. We will know more in the coming months.

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