The OPPO Watch will resemble the Xiaomi wearable: word of Brian Shen

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Updated on: January 20, 2021 15:18 am

It is a period in which smartwatches seem to have returned to the crest of the wave, creating hype in users passionate about technology, more than the launch of a new smartphone. On the market the most famous names are losing consensus and so here is the opportunity for Chinese brands that have been monitoring this sector for some time, in the form of other brands. It is the striking case that of Xiaomi who has long dominated the werabale sector with its Mi Band (arrived at the fourth version) and then with the AmazFit devices, all produced by Huami, but now also the company of Lei Jun is ready to make the official debut with your smartwatch which apparently will be equipped with a MIUI software version optimized for the wearable gadget.

But why am I talking about Xiaomi? For the simple reason that OPPO, which has long been an eternal rival, is preparing its own version of smartwatch. It is already since last February that there are rumors of an Oppo Watch and Brian Shen himself, Vice President of the Asian company, confirmed the existence of the first wearable of the company that will arrive in 2020, but also added that the similarity with the smartwatch of Xiaomi will be decidedly high. On the other hand, either a round or a square dial is chosen, unless fashion dictates law with bizarre shapes.


OPPO watch

The OPPO Watch will resemble the Xiaomi wearable: word of Brian Shen

In fact, Brian Shen's comment does not directly mention the Xiaomi Mi Watch and of course it is ironic, underlining how difficult it is to amaze in terms of design. So if the OPPO Watch has a square display it will not necessarily be a clone of the Apple Watch and similar. Unfortunately, no specification or functionality is added, but given the ace pulled out by Xiaomi we should also expect from OPPO a smartwatch with custom OS, maybe a ColorWatch?

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