Meizu 17 will enjoy a 90Hz screen: the Flyme flies!

The fateful day is approaching: the device of dreams will be officially presented on 8 May. Joking aside, Meizu 17 promises to be an extraordinary smartphone not only for its equipment hardware from top of the range in all respects. We find in fact the photo gallery with a revolutionized, horizontal shape and a more centralized position compared to other devices. Yesterday we saw the latest official news, namely battery, charging and processor that will be integrated into the device. The latest news that comes to us concerns the display, which will have support for refresh rate at 90Hz. Absolute novelty for the brand.

Support for the 90Hz refresh rate also reaches Meizu 17 and its Flyme: now it will really fly!

Maybe not everyone knows the name Flyme, as it is called the personalized interface of the Meizu devices, was named in this way since a super reactive and light system capable of flying. In fact it was like this: there are few complaints when compared with those of the other skins. The from the next month will really fly thanks to 90Hz of the Meizu 17 display.

meizu 17 90hz display

Contrary to what we could have expected, the brand decided to introduce this feature using a Marine environment. With that name, it would have been nicer to use some bird image, but let's fly over. The birds in the picture are there to be honest, but they represent something that goes slower than the shark that is in the water. This could mean that, compared to before, the exceeding 60Hz is truly a huge achievement for the company


Regardless of what it means or not on official teaser released by Meizu this morning, we know that many users will jump for joy for this feature. Indeed, gamers or not, the user experience of the users will suffer a positive surge. We know that the higher the refresh rate, the higher the fluidity of images.

Of course, the real top of the range of the moment also come to 120Hz if not 144Hz (in fact we have seen Nubia play) but those are something else entirely. Meizu 17 remains humble however giving the opportunity to enjoy an excellent user experience.

Source | Meizu

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