Meizu Flyme 8 Beta: Super Night View 3.0 updated and much more

This afternoon, Meizu officially announced that the beta version of the Flyme 8 will be updated on the day, bringing Super Night View 3.0 and the function to automatically hide the volume bar.

Meizu Flyme 8 Beta: Super Night View 3.0 updated and much more

Specifically, this update updates the Super Night View 3.0 algorithm. Meizu says that the function of this feature is to improve color reproduction, balance the exposure of the image, enrich the details of the dark parts and more easily take high-quality cinema-level photos.

As for the other update, now by clicking on an empty area of ​​the screen while adjusting the volume, the volume bar will automatically hide, thus reducing the occlusion effect on the display.

In terms of models, the ones that can be updated with the trial version of the operating system are the Meizu 16s Pro, 16Xs, 16s, 16X, 16T, Note 9, 16th Plus, Note 8, 16th and X8

In addition, this update also addresses a number of bugs, including:

  • Fix of the micro-channel smart photography function that does not show the effect;
  • Fix the volume bar which produced an abnormal effect when in night mode;
  • Fixed the flicker problem at the top of the screen with dynamic third-party wallpapers;
  • The problem of automatically disabled data traffic has been resolved;
  • Fixed the problem of some models that occasionally use Bluetooth to answer a call with the display that does not light up after hanging up

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