Meizu reveals the daily habits of users on Flyme

As we well know, Flyme is the skin that we find on Android in Meizu devices. Flyme was launched way back in 2012 and the latest version 8.1 was recently announced with the presentation of the Meizu 17 series.

Meizu reveals the daily habits of users on Flyme

flyme 8.1 Meizu Flyme

Well, in this period the brand is celebrating the eighth anniversary of its personalized user interface and to celebrate the occurrence it has decided to share shared user usage habits on Flyme in the last 30 days. Let's find out more!

1: 00-06: 00

At night or in the early hours of the day, 12% of Meizu users have cleaned their device in the "Mobile Manager" app in preparation for the new day. While only 6% of users have opened the "Clock" app to set alarms.

From 10: 00 12 to: 00

During the morning, 17% of users received messages on their smartphone. Meizu also suggests that these mainly come from the shipping companies since their notifications are usually sent during this period when the packages are being delivered.

13: 00-15: 00

In the afternoon, 7% of users used the "Download Manager" app to download various files.

16: 00 a 18: 00

As for the late afternoon, 9% of users logged in to the "Camera" app to take some pictures and record videos. In addition, approximately 11% of users made calls via the "Telephone" app.

From 19: 00 21 to: 00

In the evening, 8% of users used the "Aicy" tips and 12,3% of users check the "Weather" app. In addition, another 11% of users launched the "Family Guardian" app.

From 22: 00 24 to: 00

Finally, around midnight, 1% of users opened the "User Guide" to share feedback and improve the Flyme experience.

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