Meizu throws itself into gaming: are we waiting for a lot of news?

25 September 2020 12: 18
Updated on: 25 September 2020 12:18

While we await the arrival of Meizu on a permanent basis in Europe (which will not happen soon) let's console ourselves with the fact that the company has thrown itself headlong into the Gaming. In fact, the company has recently opened a channel dedicated to gamers on Weibo, called its own Meizu Gaming. Now, first guess which ones products the brand intends to launch (and if it intends to do so), let's see the first posts and try to understand what it intends to try its hand at right away.

Meizu Gaming is the latest novelty of the homonymous brand: the company throws itself headlong into e-sports events, but will there be new products?

The first thing we can read in the published posts is that the September 18th the brand will be present during a major event dedicated to gamers. This is an event linked to e-sports in which not only the company but also its team, called "Meizu Team Challenge

". The interesting thing is that anyone can join, even ordinary users. You certainly need skills and abilities in video games. But the stakes are high: there are well 5 Meizu 17 it's a 365 day supply of pizza. A very tempting prize, especially the smartphone.

meizu gaming

But now the big question: there will be products dedicated to videogaming? No, at least not right away. The brand has made it clear that the creation of this account does not refer to the advertising of any new product as is speculating. Consequently there will not be a Meizu 17T and neither gaming headphones.

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