Meizu Pro X: the brand's first prototype smartphone with dual screen

When we hear about prototypes, we currently think of a smartphone capable of integrating a camera under the display. The use of the hole and the notch must be overcome and it seems that Oppo has almost reached its final destination. We remember in fact the Reno's first prototype with in-display camera. Meizu we are also busy and today we see his creation dating back to the distant past 2016. As you may be thinking, even four years ago technology made it possible to do unimaginable things like a display on the back of the smartphone. Let's see the photographs together.

With code name m99, the Meizu Pro X is the first smartphone of the brand to integrate a dual screen: screen also behind to display the time

Maybe many of us are used to placing our smartphone with the display facing down. Meizu probably this thing has "turned" in his favor thinking of a device that allows the display of main information on the back. How? With one auxiliary screen. A famous blogger on Weibo shared the photographs of this prototype which, back in 2016, could be the best device ever.

As you can see in the shots above and immediately below, the device is characterized by one shell that recalls the ceramic effect. The difference with the same type of smartphone is that this integrates one secondary screen

on that shell. In the first photograph we can see how it is the clock is visible but in reality I am multiple possible options to display. It is possible to notice it from the cover photo.

It is not clear what is under the operation of this smartphone and how such a thing is possible. The source does not specify it but we are sure it is not a photomontage.

Despite the high technology that is integrated into the device we see that there is only one rear camera. Note that, given the period, it was not possible to build it with a full screen design: suggests the lower part characterized by a nice wide band. In terms of specifications the source states that the processor is an Exynos 8890+ and that the battery amounts to only 3.500 mAh.

What do you think? Do you like the idea of ​​a dual screen Meizu?

Source | Weibo

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