Meta shows the prototype technologies for the VR viewer | Video

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There are many rumors about the Cambria project and on the most frequent attempts by Meta, the company of Mark Zuckerberg, to enter the metaverse headlong. Now, the CEO himself revealed the different technologies that make up the viewer for virtual reality and everything he is trying to do in terms of hardware for his device. Let's take a closer look at everything the tycoon showed.

Meta wants, as the name suggests, to focus on the metaverse. Zuckeberg shows the technologies behind the first VR headset for the first time

In this video, there are several prototype glasses, each one specializing in a feature. The first, Butterscotch, aims to increase the pixel density per degree and reach the level of the retina, which is an amount of approximately 60 pixels per degree in the viewing angle. This, so that the screen is imperceptible to the human eye. In this case, they were reached 55 pixels, which is already more than the Oculus Quest 2 can get.

The so-called Half dome it solves the problem of bringing an adjustable focus with our gaze in relation to near and far objects using the eye


Starbursts, in turn, supports HDR to bring the vividness of life to colors with 20.000 nits of brightness. In the end, Holocake 2 is the functional device that can already run virtual reality experiences on a PC, and which has been the thinnest and lightest result achieved so far by Meta.

Everything was demonstrated on video by Zuckerberg himself on Facebook. In this regard, it is worth mentioning that Meta is working on two lines of headphones: one will be economical and aimed at consumers, the other will be for professionals and will be equipped with cutting-edge technology. Project Cambria is expected to be launched by end of year and the Cambria headset is said to cost about double what the Quest 2 is sold for.

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