Micron launches the world's first 1.5 TB microSD card

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After submitting the LPDDR5 for smartphones, Micron has decided to overdo it. However, now let's not talk about something related to mobile devices ... quite the contrary. Micron launched the first 1.5 TB microSD card. To be more precise till to 1.5 TB. A revolution not only for the capacity but also for the industrial use that can be made given the 3-layer 176D NAND. But having said that, let's see the details.

Micron launches the largest microSD in the world, that is, with capacities up to 1.5 TB. It is the first in the world in this, but not only. The details

The company has announced the release of a microSD memory card called Micron i400. Despite its small size, thanks to the use of memory 3-layer 176D NAND, is comparable in volume to consumer SSDs. Another feature of the microSD card is the impressive durability by the standards of its class, even under heavy workload.

micron microsd 1.5 tb

The microSD card positions itself as a convenient solution for video surveillance systems. According to the manufacturer, a volume of 1.5 TB is enough for approx 120 days of continuous recording. At the same time, the speed characteristics of the drive are enough to save videos with resolution 4K

and simultaneously process up to eight AI events per second (object detection and classification, facial recognition, and so on).

Raj Misra, vice president of hardware engineering, says:

"Micron's industrial-grade storage is critical to helping us protect our customers and communities, from schools to large enterprises, while meeting the most demanding video retention and security requirements."

The memory card has a claimed life of up to five years of 24/24 use and a time between failure (MFTB) of up to 2 million hours. The body is protected from mechanical damage and water, while its consumable properties are preserved at temperatures from -25 to +85 degrees Celsius. The Micron i400 memory card will be available in various sizes from 256GB to 1.5TB. A release date and retail price for the memory unit have yet to be announced.

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