Mobvoi presents MeetVoice, the speech synthesizer with a human voice

While Mobvoi is known around the world for producing state-of-the-art, competitively priced wearables, the Chinese companion is originally known for developing speech recognition systems, natural language processing and vertical search technology.

Mobvoi then grew by creating its own operating system based on Android SmartWatch, Ticwear OS 1.0 and in 2015 it launched the first TicWatch in collaboration with Frog Design. The TicWatch then became one of the best-selling Android smartwatches both in China in stores such as, Tmall and Suning and Amazon in the rest of the world.

Mobvoi presents MeetVoice, the speech synthesizer with a human voice


Mobvoi MeetVoice

In any case, moving on to today's news, Mobvoi returns to its origins by releasing a new speech synthesis program for the artificial reproduction of the human voice. This system in particular is part of the text-to-speech (TTS) category (in Italian: text-to-speech) and therefore serves to convert written text into speech.

The system created by Mobvoi is called MeetVoice and is currently available online in This Page. Once inside just go to the box and write what you want, even if you are limited to the English language at the moment.

Mobvoi promises that different voices will be added in the future, therefore man / woman and different timbres. There will also be the possibility to change the language from English to Italian, Spanish, etc.

MeetVoice is a TTS (text-to-speech) synthesizer

Differentiated Ticwatch

TicWatch voice assistant

As you can experience for yourself, the speech synthesizer manages to produce a very natural and fluid speech. If we were watching a video in English we most likely wouldn't even be able to distinguish it from a real person.

Obviously Mobvoi still has a lot to work on to get to the level of Google with its Assistant. But being one of the first versions we have to admit that we were positively surprised.

At this moment it is not clear to us why the Chinese company has decided to invest in this project, but as we all know, competition is always something positive. Who knows one day instead of talking to Google's assistant, will we talk to Mobvoi's? Keep following us for updates about it!

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