Nothing Phone (1) will arrive in Italy, but there is a "but"

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Nothing Phone (1) it will be the most talked about smartphone of 2022 and not only for what it will offer, but also for how it will be distributed. This week we witnessed the first unboxing (exclusively) of the smartphone in question. Its aesthetic characteristics have left us pleasantly impressed, but we cannot say the same for the listing. Indeed, according to what emerged, Nothing Phone (1) will arrive in Italy but will not be available to everyone.

Nothing Phone (1) will be in Italy, confirmed by a technical page that is distributing the device. However, it will be by invitation only

Within the StockX technical page, a portal that is distributing a preview of the smartphone, our country is named. Specifically, the three are named carrier, that is, operators, which will support the service for Nothing Phone (1). It is about wind, Three e Vodafone. Strange fact that the United States will not have the opportunity to try the device: in fact, according to the latest rumors

, the leading US operator will not guarantee support. But having said that, why do we say that not everyone will be able to have it?

nothing phone

The company itself within a video confirms that the distribution of Nothing Phone (1) will be by invitation. The reason is obvious: Carl Pei's fledgling company is still too small and cannot count on a firepower like that of Xiaomi, realme and company. She cannot also rely on Oppo or OnePlus given her divorce. Consequently, given the limited number of smartphones, buying by invitation is the only option.

At the moment though it is not clear how this invitation will work. We await official news from the company which, given its arrival in Italy, should not be long in giving us information.

Cover image | Marques Brownlee

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