Nothing Phone (1) naked, also hides Pokémon

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Nothing Phone (1) it is arguably the most beautiful device we have seen this year. Thanks to the hype of the users and the media, but also the marketing, the device presented itself in an excellent way. Its hardware quality is less excellent than the first ones screen problems. But how is it done inside? Jerry rig everything she shows him completely naked, revealing even some little ones easter egg. Let's see it together.

The Nothing Phone (1) is beautiful both outside and inside. Jerry Rig Everything disassembled it showing what we find inside the device

The main feature of Nothing Phone (1) is a clear glass back with an exclusive LED backlighting. The glass is more difficult to remove than most smartphones, as it is literally embedded in a metal frame. LED strips have a white sticker, even if their true color is yellow. It is interesting to note that without adhesives the tapes light up more

and with a colder tint.

The manufacturer used a large number of decorative plastic panels, under which there are many b hidden. In this case, you have to be extremely careful, as a small ring starts from each LED strip. Beyond all this, Nothing Phone (1) it is the most ordinary smartphone with very traditional components. The blogger confirmed that the main camera has the optical stabilization

nothing phone 1

It also found a vapor chamber to remove heat from the processor. Special “languages” are provided to remove the battery, although this still requires some effort. An interesting discovery was the mention of Pokemon on the case under the battery, which can be considered a kind of easter egg.

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