Nubia's 65W GaN charger available for purchase (in China)

The batteries of the smartphones of the current top of the range, do not seem to go beyond a certain quantity of mAh, in order to contain the weight of the device, although they are increasingly put under strain due to extremely powerful hardware and displays with even more generous diagonals compared to the past.

Fortunately, technology is also advancing for this sector, offering very fast top-ups which, however, must necessarily rely on high-ranking companions. Let's talk about the new 65W GaN technology chargers, like the one announced by Nubia about a month ago and now available for purchase in China from April 17th.

For the launch, the Nubia 65W GaN charger will go on a special offer at the price of 139 yuan, or about 18 euros at the exchange rate, while the final list price will be 169 yuan (about 22 euros).


The peculiarity of this new GaN charger lies in the fact that the terminal plug can be folded on itself, when not used, while two USB Type-C ports are offered together with a Type-A input, in order to connect up to 3 devices simultaneously. Specifically we have 1 Type-C input with 65 W output, 1 Type-C input with 30 W output and 24W USB-A input.

Nubia's 65W GaN charger available for purchase (in China)

The peculiarity of a GaN charger, like the one proposed by Nubia, is all in the dimensions, in fact we are in front of smaller dimensions than any charger of the same power, despite the GaN technology allowing the use of better materials that induce better performance in the thermal conductivity and resistance to high temperatures.

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