Nubia Play 5G: its design was revealed on the booking page

Next April 21 there will be the presentation of a new smartphone from Nubia. We are used to recognizing Nubia as a brand that produces record-breaking devices, with hallucinatory specifications like the next Red magic 5g. This will have from its a display with support to 144Hz refresh rate, equivalent to a PC monitor. But the company does not only make these wild animals, but also devices dedicated to "the little ones". Nubia play 5g it will be just that: a gaming phone for young people.

Nubia Play 5G will be a gaming phone for kids and the JingDong booking page is about its design

For those not aware of it Jingdong it is one of the largest distributors in China. We can equate it to Amazon both for quantity of products and for quality of after-sales service. As far as we know, the company's new smartphone has been put in booking on this site, thus revealing the design of the rear.

As revealed by the poster above and the cover image, the device would be equipped with one vertical traffic light camera placed in the center of the body, up. From the denomination, it can be seen that the device should belong to the middle range and therefore the performance will be those of any other device mid-range gaming like Notes redmi 8 Pro. Nubia officials also disclosed the latest Nubia Play 5G poster, which shows the sales package.

nubia play 5g on reservation

It is clear even before seeing it that the smartphone will be addressed to a very young audience. For now it is impossible to say what the complete specifications are. However, we know a certain fact. The brand's CEO has announced that the Play 5G will be equipped with a monstrous one well battery 5.100 mAh. This is certainly a record for the company's smartphones.

Source | Weibo, Jingdong

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