Nubia Red Magic 5G hides secrets: 120Hz, FHD screen recording and much more

It was mid-April when Nubia presented her Red Magic 5G in global version. One of the most appreciated gaming phone he always threw himself into the gaming sector with some specs to scream and a really enviable price. There is one though: these specifications are terrific if we look at the hardware, but if we take a look at the software they are missing certain premium options. We refer to all those features that a gaming phone must have, like refresh rate at 120Hz, screen recording with FullHD resolution, advanced display color options and anything else. Many users have immediately complained about these shortcomings but ... it's not that they were actually missing, but a specific app was needed to make them come out.

Nubia Red Magic 5G actually enjoys 120Hz refresh rate and all those must-have features in a gaming phone ... only that they are hidden

In a forum post dedicated to Nubia Red Magic 5G on the site XDA The reason why the above features were not in plain sight has been revealed. A user found that only by using the app Activity launcher it was possible to use them.

Within the app you had to search and launch these commands:

  • cn.nubia.theme.local.ThemeActivity: through this option it is possible to access all the themes pre-installed on the device, with the possibility to choose for “colorfull international” and to have round icons;
  • cn.nubia.gamecenter.settings.records.RecordSettingActivity: this command allows you to pass the screen recording from SD to FHD;
  • com.qualcomm.qti.qcolo.QColorActivity: allows you to choose from 8 different color modes for the screen;
  • cn.nubia.factory.ChooseFpsActivity: this option allows you to set the refresh rate to 120Hz (to return to the standard refresh rate again you need to enable "Default automatic Fps" in the hidden menu).
magic network 5g

As said before, these they are not the only functions available but there are many more such as fingerprint calibration, battery icon in the status bar and much more.

Source | XDA Forum

Via | HDBlog

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