New features coming to Realme UI: it is getting more and more mature

Only yesterday we told you about the start of the update to the Realme UI for some smartphones including Realme X2 Pro. The brand's new personalized skin, built starting from Oppo's ColorOS but still on a base Android found an excellent response. Many users are appreciating it despite some shortcomings. The brand, however, does not eat in the head and announces, through an official thread, thearrival of new features for the UI. In poco time then we will see the arrival of a (almost) complete skin able to compete with ColorOS and MIUI. Let's see what are the features in question.

Realme UI matures and the brand announces the arrival of really interesting features

As anticipated, on an official thread in the Realme blog, the brand has announced that new features will soon be available that will expand the UI. Users who own Realme X2 Pro

, Realme X2 e Realme Q they will soon be able to experience the latest version of the Realme user interface in all its glory.

realme ui features

Improved scheduling on "Energy saving options" in the Realme user interface

These are the new features coming soon:

  • DND reminder: as we know, the "Do not disturb" mode allows you to limit the notifications that arrive on our smartphone, but thanks to this implementation it will be possible to filter them in a different way and, possibly, choose which ones to notify us with a sound;
  • adjust the size and position of the "One-handed mode": thanks to this feature it will be possible to modify the "One-handed mode" window according to our needs and therefore make it more or less large in relation to the use we have to make of it;
  • it will be possible turn off the flashlight using the power button: in this way with a single button we can call the voice assistant (example Ok Google) and use the smartphone LED with a single button;
  • countdown reminder before shutting down when the battery is low: using this feature we could take advantage of a sort of timer that tells us how much is left when the device is turned off when the remaining charge is low. However, remember that it is important to keep the battery of our smartphone healthy, possibly charging it between 20% and 80%;
  • will be available a calendar scheduler plug-in for the desktop, through which it will be possible to synchronize the calendar on smartphone and on PC.

real me ui

After users of the above models receive the update, they will be able to give advice and send feedback through the section Echo Wall.

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