New concepts for OPPO Smartwatch: The Great Beauty

The news of the cancellation of the MWC 2020 went around the world in a few hours, throwing much discomfort for technology enthusiasts who put their hopes on the innovation that should have been the leitmotif to the whole tech fair. We would also have witnessed the launch of the new OPPO Find X2, however postponed during the month of March, but many were probably waiting for the pseudo presentation of the first OPPO smartwatch, anticipated to the INNO Day 2019 and protagonist of several renderings that appeared online.

Unfortunately we have no official confirmations, but neither are denied and on the wave of hope to see him precisely in March, during the event dedicated to Find X2, we console ourselves with new concept renders of the new wearable branded OPPO, which at a glance it looks really cool.

New concepts for OPPO Smartwatch: The Great Beauty

We specify that the renderings in question are not official but the fruits of the work of a designer, who has reworked what has transpired to date and has tried to have his say, obtaining a decidedly successful result, leaving out the analogies that someone could see with Apple Watch, the OPPO smartwatch precisely features a rectangular design and a display with curved edges. Note the golden profiles that house two buttons, one of which also incorporates a small LED.


Between the two keys there should be a microphone, a detail that suggests that the device will be able to make calls even without the help of a smartphone, perhaps via eSIM technology. The strap will be in silicone, probably of an interchangeable type, but above all configurable during the purchase phase. There will be rumors of the Milanese knit and leather / hide configuration.

Unfortunately, the company has been able to contain the loss of data relating to technical specifications and therefore it is difficult to make predictions on what will be the hardware sector of the new OPPO Smartwatch. Certainly, however, there will be a heart rate monitor enriched by the ECG function and functions related to fitness. Someone even speculates an NFC sensor for mobile payments but if the launch for March was confirmed, the wait could really become a pleasure for this wearable branded OPPO.


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