OnePlus 8 Pro also tests JerryRigEverything

The latest effort of the OnePlus brand demonstrates the efforts that the brand has used over the years towards its devices, which have reached the eighth generation. From the first reviews it seems that OnePlus 8 Pro and the minor model 8, are technically flawless smartphones, bringing compromises to almost zero, such as the introduction of the IP68 certification that decrees the solution of the almost excellent Asian brand in the panorama of Android devices.

But all this sviolinata could put an end to the usual JerryRigEverything that with its teardowns is always ready to show us the build quality of the smartphones he is testing and this time it's up to OnePlus 8 Pro. As already introduced in the beginning of the article the new top of the range is now resistant to liquids and dust, resulting in greater difficulty in opening the body, glued more firmly than in the past. Once opened, the first thing that catches your eye is the obvious coil used for wireless charging. The larger surface is necessary to allow the implementation of the new Warp Charge 30 Wireless, powerful at 30W.

OnePlus 8 Pro also tests JerryRigEverything

Another primary element after opening the terminal is the quad camera module, on which the protagonist of the teardown lingers for a few moments highlighting the optical stabilization present in the primary module as well as on the telephoto lens.

The battery area is valuable, now easily removable by means of a special extraction tab, making life easier for repair workers. A gem that emerges from the video of the good Zach, is the protection that OnePlus has dedicated to the microphone, protecting it from possible damage that could occur from the incorrect insertion of the SIM pin.

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