OnePlus 8 Pro: you will no longer be able to see under your clothes, photochrome also disabled on the global (for now)

The criticisms a OnePlus 8 Pro have not been missing since the color filter called “Photochrome”It caused all that sensation. For the uninitiated, a particular filter on the OXYGEN OP 8 Pro allowed to see through some black fabrics or plastics. Clearly, for privacy reasons, some users have decided to complain, as it should be, both with and without update via OTA this functionality is no longer available even in the global variant of this device.

The OxygenOS of OnePlus 8 Pro deactivates the color filter that allows you to see through some materials

We had already announced it a few days ago and the brand decision was rather quick. With the next update that brings the version OxygenOS 10.5.9 the color filter used for special effects will no longer work. The decision to remove this "voyeur" effect was changed in the course of work, however. In fact, based on what was communicated by the company itself through Weibo, it would only be removed on China devices. Instead it seems that Global smartphones will also undergo the same "downgrade".

oneplus 8 photochrome effect

But as you may have read in the title, we wrote "for now". What does it mean? That actually this lack is only temporary. OnePlus intends to reintroduce the much appreciated feature in the photographic field only after improving it. Obviously avoiding problems like the one that has already happened will be the priority and we really hope that it will succeed.

At the moment the rollout is in progress and therefore it is only a matter of days before the update arrives to you, if you were the owner of OnePlus 8 Pro. Meanwhile, if you want to know more about this brand, we recommend reading this interesting article. There is talk of how the company sent by Pete Lau joined the initiative started by Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo to create a platform for the file transfer.

Via | XDA

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