OnePlus 8T BIS certified: Snapdragon 865 confirmed

25 September 2020 03: 18
Updated on: 25 September 2020 03:18

After confirming, by Max J., the non-existence of the Pro version, we finally have an official news about OnePlus 8T. By now the most powerful of OnePlus smartphones is upon us. Although until now we have thought that this smartphone integrates the very powerful Snapdragon 865 + (last in Qualcomm's chronological line), we have confirmation from some lines of code that the SoC hidden under the body will be the Snapdragon 865. Consequently, what we assumed a few days ago returns: it is a 8 standard with a few more gems. But let's see the news just released on the net.

Finally some official news about OnePlus 8T: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor confirmed… but the rest?

According to what has been revealed by several Indian leakers, on the basis of newly discovered lines of code we can say with absolute certainty that the OnePlus 8T processor will not be the top of the top. Sure, it will be a latest generation chipset but not that "Plus"That we so much hoped for. However, this does not mean that it will be a ciofeca, on the contrary.


By crossing the data reported by the BIS certification, they present the device with a code name KB2001, and the data relating to the lines of code, we see that the device will be moved by "kona". This name refers precisely to the Snapdragon 865. In addition to this, however, we also know something else: for example that the device will leave the factory with Android 11 pre-installed. It will be, in this regard, among the very first. As for the other specifications, the alleged are reported below:

Alleged specifications

  • 8.55 ″ AMOLED display;
  • 120Hz refresh rate;
  • 1080 x 2400 pixel resolution;
  • rear cameras: 48 megapixel + 16 megapixel wide-angle + 5 megapixel macro + 2 megapixel portrait;
  • 8 GB RAM;
  • 128/256 GB internal storage;
  • OxygenOS 11 and Android 11 out of the box.

What do you think?

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