OnePlus 8T Pro yes, OnePlus 8T Pro no?

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25 September 2020 17: 18
Updated on: 25 September 2020 17:18

Paraphrasing a little the famous song "The land of persimmons" of "Elio and the Tese Stories”We introduce this thorny topic that keeps us at the mercy of leaks day by day. OnePlus 8T Pro will come out or not? There are many hypotheses and obviously the world is divided between yes and no. What we will do here will not be trying to give an answer, also because as long as we talk about rumors and unofficial news it is useless to try to guess. Rather we want to put on the table everything that has come out so far and try to understand the situation a little.

Will OnePlus 8T Pro come out or not? We try to understand it together by putting in order all the data in our possession

Between versions Ultra , T e T Pro Xiaomi also has some tricks up its sleeve. In fact, Lei Jun's company will unveil the next smartphones in the coming days "crème de la crème". According to what we also knew the brand of Pete Lau (now also in Oppo) had intended to bring a new flagship to the market, alongside the 8T. We are obviously talking about OnePlus 8T Pro, a super mega top of the range that had to integrate the Qualcomm SoC Snapdragon 865 +. But will it come out or not? According to Max J. no, according to Evan Blass yes.

Max J. is currently one of the most popular leakers on the market when it comes to OnePlus. In this recent tweet yesterday he expressed in very few words and in a rather dry way that there will be no T Pro device


Against Evan Blass, known for the well-known Evleaks portal, claims with lots of evidence that OnePlus 8T Pro it exists and how. To confirm this, the URL of the official site which shows the name of the device. Not only that, according to him too OnePlus Clover would be true (the fourth listed under OnePlus North). In short, a fight between the titans as they are the two major leakers. The sources are both reliable so we don't feel like taking the side of either of them. What is certain is that such a device doesn't make much sense to exist considering that the increase in power compared to the Snapdragon 865 is very little. But this is a personal opinion. What do you think about it?

Source | OnePlus

Cover image | Angela Lang / CNET

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