OnePlus 9 will record videos at a crazy resolution

Just last night we anticipated what will be the design of OnePlus 9. Although we were not particularly impressed, we cannot deny the hard work the company is putting into trying to bring hot material to the market. Of course, even the hype of users is playing a key role in the advertising of the new smartphone… but can more be done? Yes, starting to spread news about the features that the device will integrate. Here we are going to see what will be the video shooting capacity of the device, which looks like will support 8K resolution. But something we had already seen long ago. Do you remember?

OnePlus 9 will record videos at 8K resolution: evidently the brand is focusing a lot on cameras, since from the design point of view there is very little to do

It was 9 September when the staff of XDA had found one in the OxygenOS code evidence that one of the upcoming OnePlus devices would have recorded video at a resolution of 8K. At this resolution, of course, there was talk of a total maximum of 30fps, more is not possible at the moment. Well, it looks like a confirmation has arrived. A listed leaker would get their hands on some hot material that would indeed show the capabilities of OnePlus 9 or 9 Pro


What we see in the tweet above is a screenshot showing, quite unambiguously, thecamera settings interface OXYGEN. According to what has been revealed, it will be possible to go from the minimum resolution of 1080 pixels, up to maximum 8K. But what does 8K mean? 7680 × 4320 pixels on the screen. Recall that currently the best top of the range of the brand supports video shooting at a maximum resolution of 4K.

oneplus 9 8k resolution

Based on what we know, there are only three optical sensors that can allow such a thing: Samsung Bright S5kGW1 (from 64 megapixels), Samsung HM2 (108 megapixels) and theOmnivision OV64A (64 megapixels). But this brings us to a dilemma: previously it was stated by 91mobiles and OnePlus 9 would have mounted two 48 megapixel sensors. There is something that does not return therefore. We will see in the next few weeks.

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