OnePlus 9, the audio for DxOMark is still "immature"

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OnePlus 9 came under the magnifying glass of the DxOMark experts, that this time reviewed the audio of the device. As a OnePlus 8 owner I can say that the quality of the inferior capsule of the devices is really excellent, never heard of musical pieces with the same power and clarity. but yet DxOMark, although I have reviewed his successor, he is not of the same opinion as me. So let's go see what the pro and against of this smartphone in terms of audio.

DxOMark has reviewed the audio of OnePlus 9, the latest top of the range of the Chinese company. Not surprising, but neither is it too painful like others

The laboratory specialists tested the audio system of the flagship smartphone. During the tests, OnePlus 9 played more than 20 hours of audio and also made a number of recordings on the built-in microphone, which allowed him to take his place in the global rankings. The OnePlus 9 speaker system is represented by two speakers with support for Dolby Atmos technology. In addition, the device is equipped with an active noise reduction system for recording audio and video. 

oneplus 9: dxomark audio rating

According to laboratory experts, the smartphone has demonstrated a 'high sound attack accuracy and good bass clarity. At maximum and minimum volume, when playing various content, the intelligibility of the sound was maintained without distortion. Furthermore, DxOMark evaluates a positive S / N ratio and a good recording volume.

Experts have attributed the disadvantages of the device touneven tonal balance, “Falling” in the high frequencies, especially when the volume is increased. At the same time, they described the sound itself as aggressive with a lack of bass in the audio track. In videos recorded on the device, the sound in some cases turned out to be muffled, when using a selfie camera instead too harsh. At the same time, the smartphone did not always correctly estimate the distance to the object, which is why the sound turned out to be unnatural.

In tests, the OnePlus 9 scored 66 points in the DxOMark audio evaluation, ranking 30th (12th among premium models), same as Samsung Galaxy S20 + but one point behind OnePlus 8 Pro.

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