OnePlus 9 will not be sent for testing at DxOMark, the company refuses

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Well yes, this year we will not see OnePlus 9 on DxOMark, it's official. The well-known portal that deals with reviewing the photographic and audio sector of various devices will not have the new flagship of the band. This was announced by the CEO himself Pete Lau on Weibo. The news is unbelievable for two reasons. The first: it is the first time that a company refuses to send a device (remember flagship) to be reviewed; the second: the reason it's somewhat odd, at least on the surface, and it is linked to the cousin company Oppo. Let's go see the details of the story.

OnePlus 9 will not be sent to DxOMark for the usual camera review: Pete Lau refuses and apparently the reason is linked to a wrong done to Oppo

Those who follow the events of Oppo will undoubtedly know what happened yesterday on the DxOMark platform. Following the release of the new top of the range Oppo Find X3Pro, the portal has published its preview review. However, it was not the usual evaluation with grades. Was written however that the device is without freeform surface optics

which can effectively prevent edge distortion under the ultra-wide viewing angle. In reality, the smartphone is equipped with it. This thing evidently did not please the BBK d groupwhich are part of OnePlus and Oppo.

Oneplus 9

A few hours after the publication of the review, DxOMark eliminated the offending paragraph but immediately the first discontent arose on Weibo. The old CEO of Oppo Shen Yiren criticized DxOMark's "negative" review and to follow, Pete Lau communicated that OnePlus 9 would not have been sent for the usual review.

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Now, we're sure it's one oversight and a portal error. It is clear that if a photographic lens is present, the fact of not mentioning it can only be a gross mistake. However, the importance and depth of DxOMark is felt in moments like these, so much so that a company is willing to renounce a renowned "title" rather than give it up.

We leave the conclusions to you, there is poco to comment.

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