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In the last period we have been talking about OnePlus 9, the next flagship of the homonymous brand which should debut at the beginning of next year. March it will be the month in which the company from China, in all probability, will launch the device. If on the one hand, however, the official specifications remain a mystery (in fact, there are only speculations and leaks), the same thing cannot be said about the design. In the last few hours on Testimonials, the well-known channel where the most famous and popular leakers usually publish their news, a bomb has been launched. The design of this smartphone, in Pro version, has been revealed and the source is among the most reliable there is.

OnLeaks unveils a preview of the OnePlus 9 Pro design: all the amazement disappeared months in advance ... but do you like it?

Personally I believe the brand could have done better. The design of OnePlus 9 Pro is not one of my favorites and, indeed, I much prefer the more sober (and not cleared of customs) design of the 8 series. Let's see what the next king of the top of the range which will keep company in terms of specifications, a Xiaomi Mi 11

. Even the Xiaomi smartphone should make its debut in the same period, if not a few days earlier. In both cases, they are top of the range ...but how different they will be?

Let's start from the back side: it is clear how the leak of 91mobiles was right. We will find a photographic section in three optics, housed in a nice wide rectangle. This vaguely (or maybe not?) Echoes the design of Oppo Reno 4 e 5 (which will be out soon). It is not clear whether this traffic light will be so protruding or not, but at first glance it does not seem. For the rest, unfortunately, we cannot say that we are surprised: there will be a hole in the upper left corner as for the previous models of the 8 series (from the standard to the Pro, passing through the T). The edges will be curved on the two right and left sides.

The source, as anticipated, is super reliable even if it admits that some variation, even if minimal, could occur. What do you think about it? This will be a hit again OnePlus?

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