OnePlus 9 Pro impresses the “smartphone destroyer” with its design

OnePlus 9 Pro he saved himself to date, but the teardown expert Zack Nielsen (aka JerryRigEverything) got their hands on the device. In his new video, he studied the internal structure of the device OnePlus and has also tested one of its key functions: fast charging technology. It is therefore not the usual video in which Zack enjoys torturing smartphones, but a real teardown. Let's go to. see it together.

The teardown of OnePlus 9 Pro lays bare the company's latest top-of-the-range device: Zack says he is satisfied but we suffer to see it

By removing the back cover and the wireless charging module, the blogger noticed the presence of one steam chamber and thermal paste for better heat dissipation. In addition, the OnePlus 9 Pro is equipped with a slim LTPO display module, which contributes to better cooling of the device. The enthusiast also focused on the small size of the fingerprint scanner under the screen: small yes, but it works great.

The double battery from 4.500 mAh

of the flagship supports fast charging: according to OnePlus, the smartphone recharges up to 100% in 29 minutes. After plugging a 65W power supply into the OnePlus 9 Pro, Zack noticed that with 1% of the remaining capacity, the process takes even less: 27 minutes and 20 seconds.

Having reached the main camera, the author of the video demonstrated the presence of optical stabilization in the main sensor from 48 megapixel it's a telephoto lens from 8 megapixel. The wide-angle module with a 50 megapixel did not receive this function. It is noteworthy that glue is practically not used in the design of the device: most of the components are fixed with screws and connectors.

After assembling the OnePlus 9 Pro, to the blogger I am two "extra" parts left. However, the smartphone turned on and continued to function normally, receiving recognition as one of the best ever taken apart.

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