OnePlus 9 Pro overheats easily? The fix is ​​around the corner

Since users started using OnePlus 9 Pro, the reports about his overheating in certain scenarios they were wasted. The first time we heard about this problem was a few days ago from the well known Tech Droider which, in recent months, has given us succulent leaks regarding this last device. As we said, the device overheats very easily especially when using the camera. This, we recall, was designed together with the Hasselblad team. But let's see the problem that manifests itself.

OnePlus 9 Pro continues to have the same problem even after two updates: it overheats and prevents its use

Since the release of OnePlus 9 Pro there have been several updates but apparently the problem of overheating has not yet been solved. As we said, the reports are different. Some were collected by the team of Android Police.

However, the reports did not emerge only on Twitter, but also on official community. In this case, we refer you to dedicated thread. In the specific case of the camera, a large notice appears that reads: "The temperature of your device is currently too high, take a break to lower it

"Or"Cannot take pictures because the phone temperature is too high". In short, a problem not of poco tale considering the level of the device that users have in their hands.

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Even the problem has spread to the battery, showing a "danger" message as we see in the following Tweet. However, it should be noted that the temperature displayed by the CPU-Z application is normal. So where is the problem?

According to the reconstructions, it would be a software problem only and that can be solved with a trivial update. We don't know why the OnePlus 9 Pro hasn't already received a fix, but the developers have claimed that the corrective update won't be long in coming. Possibly in the next few weeks it will arrive.

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