OnePlus: the AOD (Always On Display) is coming soon

Let's admit it OXYGEN everybody likes it. While not the best of Android-based customizations, it's done well. Of course, the MIUI it is at other levels but OnePlus is bending over backwards to show its teeth and bring it to maturity. To make it so, however, the company must listen to user feedback and make changes quickly. One of the shortcomings of OxygenOS that many complain about is the absence of the AOD. OnePlus has never integrated the Always On Display on their devices although this is an unceasing request from users. Pete Lau however, CEO of the brand, announced cryptically and unequivocally that the feature will arrive soon on the devices.

The OnePlus CEO officially announces that the Always On Display (AOD) will arrive shortly. We have a doubt though: with Android 11 or with OxygenOS 11?

Through a post on social Twitter, the company's ninety piece wanted to throw the bomb. As mentioned above, in a truly unequivocal way it made everyone understand that OnePlus will introduce the Always On Display on its devices shortly. But when? This is where there is doubt. It is not very clear whether it will arrive with Android 11 or with the OxygenOS 11.

The analog clock signal in the background suggests that the image will remain on the display. The hand (and the text) mention 11 and that is exactly what sent us astray. Indeed Android 11 is upon us and OnePlus is renowned for the speed of system updates. On the other hand, however, also the OxygenOS has arrived at version 10.5 (e.g. on OnePlus 8) and therefore version 11 is in the finishing straight.

It matters little when in the end: users are worried about having it because, although it consumes a little battery, it is one features that everyone has learned to use and which is convenient for all fans. What about you?

Source | Twitter

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