OnePlus shows us the work done for the Always On Display (AOD) | Video

Within a few months, the brand will offer many news. The has been officially announced OxygenOS 11, whose Chinese version will be presented in four days. The developer preview of the European version will be launched on the same day but only a select few will be able to use it. Among the important news that this update will bring us on our OnePlus, we have awaited Always On Display. The acronym is AOD and indicates that feature that allows you to see some data (notifications, time, battery) with the screen off. These few data are displayed since they are the only ones illuminated on the display. Well, today OnePlus gives us a taste of this mode through a video published on Weibo.

Finally the official has arrived: OnePlus will introduce the Always On Display on its devices with the OxygenOS 11. A presentation video shows us the work done

This morning the CEO of the brand has published a video on the Chinese social network in which it advertises, so to speak, the new feature. Evidently OnePlus is focusing heavily on this update and on this Always On Display. And it could not have been otherwise since in the present state of things OxygenOS is the only one without it

. In any case, the brand has decided to work on it and here's how it will look.

Inside the clip we can see how much work OnePlus has done to make the AOD as essential but functional as possible. What we see in the cover image, and at the end of the video, will be just one of the designs usable for this functionality. Hopefully this is a minimum customizable: it would be a shame if they only gave us one or two styles to use, with no possibility to customize them.

But now let's get to the features. We already know what data will be shown on the display off:

  • number of daily unlocks;
  • the colored bar will tell us how much we would have used the devices in the day, starting from a point at the top up to draw a line that goes downwards;
  • date and time;
  • unlock with fingerprint (if present on the device);
  • notification icons (WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook ...)

In short, it will be a Always On Display really complete. What do you think?

Source | Weibo

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