OnePlus admits defeat. Ready to reimburse users who suffer from "green display" on OP8 and 8 Pro

We have from poco published the article concerning the new update to OxygenOS for OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, which promises the resolution of the "green display" although not clearly stated in the changelog. And in fact, many continue to complain about the annoying bug related to their unit, a real plague considering that the display of the top of the range branded OnePlus has been considered the best around according to DisplayMate. And given the large amount of users who continue to be affected by this defect, the Asian company has decided to review its policies related to the warranty on the 8 and 8 Pro models.


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OnePlus admits defeat. Ready to reimburse users who suffer from "green display" on OP8 and 8 Pro

Apparently the problem seems to be related to the hardware and therefore not resolvable with a fix, therefore the company is forced in many cases to have to act with a full refund of the purchased unit, but first you need to go for the official guarantee that includes 3 steps, such as:

  1. Send the device for repair to customer service;
  2. Return the device and get a refund for the purchase;
  3. Submit a replacement request on the site and get a new device.

So no software update will solve the problem encountered by many users. So if you are among these unfortunate, do not continue to look for other solutions than the official one made available by the OnePlus company that probably will not only have to repay the many devices sold, but in all probability will see a drop in sales of smartphones already on the market .

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