OnePlus studies fingerprint animation and real-time weather background

Most of you probably won't know about the project OnePlus IDEAS that the brand has recently set up. Last month, in early March to be exact, the Chinese company that makes quality its strong point decided to organize a sort of breeding ground for ideas. With the name of IDEAS in fact, one is designated decidedly nourished community of users who use the brand 's devices and who advise moderators and developers of the aspects to be integrated with the updates of the OXYGEN. We know that the brand is currently working oncustomizable fingerprint animation e in the background that changes according to the weather.

OnePlus IDEAS: a breeding ground for ideas to improve OxygenOS even more. Are you already registered?

In recent days OnePlus on this platform has received a myriad of requests and comments about these two features and has therefore decided to implement them with the next updates. phases which will touch, compared to the fingerprint animations, are basically two:

1 phase: We will consider adding multiple fingerprint animations to the system. One of the biggest challenges at this stage is deciding which options to offer. Everyone has different preferences and tastes, it is difficult to have a single solution for everyone. Therefore, we will discuss it with the designers and our users to choose new projects in the future in such a way as to ensure that the design is liked by everyone;

2 phase: We intend to allow our users to customize the animation themselves. However, achieving this implementation may require more effort than expected. First of all, designers will have to adjust frame by frame to optimize the unlocking experience. However, we believe this is a possibility worth exploring.


So after all community reports work and this is proof of this. As for it real-time weather background, and therefore the wallpaper that changes according to the variation of the weather, the brand expressed itself through a moderator:

Thanks for sharing this fantastic idea via the community platform and we have to say we like it! For now it is under consideration and we will explore the idea. We are also delighted to see how many users love animation design in our Weather app.

It is an interesting idea to indicate the weather conditions via live wallpaper.

That these are the features coming on the next update of the OXYGEN?

Source | OnePlus

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