OnePlus will disable the photochrom function that can "see through objects"

In recent days we have done nothing but talk about a truly exclusive feature of the camera OnePlus 8 Pro. This, which is called photocrom, would allow you to see through some surfaces. We told you about it in this article, so if you don't know what we're talking about, we suggest you go and have a look. Basically one of the four sensors placed behind the device, used as a color filter, would be able to act as "X-ray"And see through objects. Clearly it is not true X-rays but some materials such as black plastic and unfortunately also the clothes are transparent to this particular lens. The brand has expressed itself in this regard.

OnePlus confirms that shortly it will deactivate the function that allows OnePlus 8 Pro to "see through objects": privacy reasons

As you may have understood, the biggest problem deriving from the use of this filter concerns the privacy. Since some clothes are literally transparent because of this feature, many have found it incorrect to use it but above all they have found it its presence on a smartphone is superfluous. OnePlus following the numerous complaints has said its.

According to what is read in the official press release disclosed through Weibo, in order to avoid serious problems relating to the privacy of its users, OnePlus has decided to permanently disable what is called the "Autumnal Intentions" filter


What is important to understand, however, is that the company has not developed this filter for these futile reasons. In fact, referring to the words that the brand itself pronounced, the initial goal was to create a special filter that would allow very special lighting effects. The problem, however, which did not arise during testing (strange but true) is that in specific light conditions this filter allows to see through some materials giving an "X-ray" effect.

OnePlus has always given top priority to user privacy and in order to eliminate the possibility of unpleasant situations, within the week it will eliminate this feature through an OTA update.

Source | Weibo

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