OnePlus: 7 features that will be implemented on the OxygenOS

OnePlus launched the initiative in September IDEAS 2.0, with which it collects not only information and feedback useful to improve the user experience, but also suggestions. These arrive via thread on the official forum group and allow the company to understand which features users want. After a careful evaluation and weeks of work, the increasingly international Chinese giant has decided to tell everyone what they will be seven features that he plans to use on the OxygenOS in the future. It is clear that it is not known when these will really be included in the Android customization of the brand, but without a doubt the developers are working on them immediately.

Here are the features that OnePlus has decided to use on the OxygenOS skin in the future: lots of customization and top user experience

To be honest, going from a MIUI 12 to an OxygenOS one suffers the lack of personalization. The two skins are profoundly different and while one aims at maximum customization, the other goes towards greater stability. This line must not change, on the contrary. But the two customizations they should learn from each other. And so it will be for that of OnePlus. Here are the seven features that have received the ok.

OnePlus: 7 features that will be implemented on the OxygenOS
  • separate volume for each app: speaking of MIUI, this is one of the features that will also arrive at the Xiaomi skin very soon. It seems that the OxygenOS developer team has welcomed the introduction of this feature. This would allow each individual app to have its own volume level set, thus preventing the level of one from being the same as the other in the combined use of apps;
  • lock screen customization: speaks for itself. It will give us the opportunity to customize the lock screen with different clocks, shortcuts and customizable weather information;
  • advertisement
  • FPS counter on Game Space: Although there are third-party apps that allow you to see the frames per second of each application, users have requested this native feature. It is a feature that clearly goes hand in hand with the high refresh rate, which is gradually increasing from model to model;
  • wireless file transfer from PC to OnePlus and vice versa: re requires, and will be given, a function similar to Apple's AirDrop that allows you to share files from PC to smartphone and vice versa in a single click;
  • enhanced battery saving: The developers have decided to introduce a sort of Ultra Saving Power Mode, a 2.0 version of the current battery saving mode that allows you to turn off all those background activities that suck energy without them being used. A request that, personally I believe, is made only when software optimization is not adequate in this sense;
  • dark mode BLACK and not GRAY: Android has had a native dark mode setting for about a year now, but it seems that OnePlus users want to go further with pitch black tones instead of the gray ones that appear on some UI elements;
  • partial screenshot: This option allows users to select only part of the screen instead of all.

These ultimately are the features that we will see, potentially, on the new 9 series due out in March. What do you think?

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