OnePlus Nord suffers from display problems: green like OnePlus 8 Pro

Quarantine had just begun when OnePlus 8 Pro has started to suffer from some screen worries. In particular, the problem was that called "Green display". Not a bad damage considering that Display Mate had reviewed the device panel as "indistinguishable from perfection". In any case, after a few months the company seems to have resolved the situation very well ... but those who don't die see themselves again, as they say. In fact, even the new one OnePlus Nord has the same problems. Despite the hype that accompanied it until the day of its release, the company has failed to make itself credible. Although the price is not that high, the users are very bitter. Let's see the details.

The new OnePlus Nord also has the same problems as the OnePlus 8 Pro: in particular the one related to the green screen

The news comes directly from official forum OnePlus within which a user who has just purchased OnePlus Nord has complained. In particular, to make the problem evident, he has photographed Nord and 8 Pro close to each other. In the photo below you see the 8 Pro on the left and the new OnePlus from the right.


We know that the problem arises only when the brightness of the device is low and is solved through a software update. This update goes to work on DC display dimming making sure that the electric current supplied to the panel is better regulated. Fortunately, therefore, this is not a construction defect as many initially thought. In any case, even if OnePlus Nord it is not an expensive device like the older brother 8 or 8 Pro, many users felt "betrayed" and initially frightened. So much hype for this?

In any case, now all that remains is wait for the release of an official fix by the brand. In the meantime, if you have other problems with this device, do not hesitate to report them in the comments section below.

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