OnePlus Nord will also have another variant with a new SoC

A few days ago the brand that Pete Lau belongs to launched the new smartphone OnePlus North. Without turning around: it is a device too overrated. My frankness is forgiven but there has been a too large hype for a device that we have already seen. In fact, both in terms of specifications and design, this device is very similar to those of the other party Xiaomi o Realme. It is not even true what is said, or that the company has made a return to the past with Nord: the device is new in everything. The fact that it belongs to one lower price range does not make it a smartphone that has returned from the golden age of OnePlus. As proof of this there is the fact that the brand has always presented one, at most two top of the range. The truth is that, in the wake of many other companies, it has decided to present a new product range. And the confirmation lies in the fact that it is expected a new Nord with Snapdragon 690 processor.

The XDA Developers team has discovered that a new OnePlus Nord with a previously unpublished Qualcomm processor is on the way


Going to dig in OxygenOS code 10.5, the XDA development team has discovered that the device in question will soon be able to count on a new version. It is an unpublished model with Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 processor and with support to 5G connectivity. The code name of this device should be "Billie". The difference with the first model, just presented, is remarkable: while this has a more powerful Snapdragon 765G, the other will belong to a band slightly lower than the brother.

oneplus nord with snapdragon 690

A curiosity of this device, in addition to the unpublished processor, is the name. It seems that OnePlus likes to use codenames that refer to famous singers and in this case Billie refers to Billie Eilish. Previously the code names for the other devices, in particular the first North, referred to Avicii.

In any case, four different codes were found and this might suggest that OnePlus has other models in the pipeline close to the latter just presented.

Via | XDA

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