OnePlus announces the wedding with Oppo: here's what will change

As we know, BBK Electronics is a technology group under whose umbrella brands such as OppoOnePluslive e realme. Clearly, however, each company acts thanks to its own teams and strategies. Today two of them announce their intention to integrate their teams to optimize and share their resources: it is Oppo and OnePlus. But let's see in detail what are the news for the two companies and what will actually change.

It's official: OnePlus and Oppo have definitively united but not all evil comes to harm. Here are the latest news and what will change

In 2013, former vice president of Oppo, Pete Lau, teamed up with an "unknown" Carl Pei to found OnePlus, a brand that has begun to reap success and rise to become one of the biggest brands on the market. . After seven years together, Carl Pei decided to leave the company. Some interpreted the move as the result of disagreements between the two managers. Only a year later, Lau turns his gaze to his old company e announces the integration of OnePlus into Oppo.

In a post on the official forums, such important news was announced, wanting to keep the promise of involving your community in the company's highlights. From Pete Lau's comments we understand that these changes are brought about byadaptation of new circumstances (which we will probably never know) but which could already be perceived at the time of Carl Pei's farewell. In view of what they qualify as good results, the two companies have decided to broaden this integration to unify resources

and enable them to be more efficient.

Pete Lau said:

I'm sure this change will be good for our community and our users. With this deeper integration with Oppo, we will have more resources available to create even better products for you. It will also allow us to be more efficient, for example by providing faster and more stable software updates for OnePlus users.

As for what will happen with the brand OnePlus, this will continue to operate independently, with its own products, events and official channels. So users shouldn't see their experience with the company change. Logically, pooling of resources is to be expected to have an impact on whether there will be a greater confluence of technologies. But this is something we will see over time.

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