OnePlus shows its folding: it will be very different from the others

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OnePlus is one of the companies that still hasn't said anything about one folding smartphone. The Chinese giant he wants to delay the launch

as he is aware of the limitations of the case. On top of that, he knows the market is still too young. In any case, there is a folding OnePlus in the project and the proof lies in the patent that LetsGoDigital takes us coloured. It will be a truly foldable smartphone different than what we are used to seeing.

OnePlus has patented its foldable smartphone. A device that folds on two sides, then booklet with three parts of the screen

The titled documentation was requested by OnePlus in China in late 2020, after which publication took place on July 20 2021. The document in question appeared from poco in the database ofWorld Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). To get a better idea of ​​this foldable OnePlus smartphone, Parvez Khan alias Technizo Concept, has created a series of renderings for based on the images of the patent.

oneplus foldable smartphone

It is a foldable smartphone consisting of three parts of the display and a double hinge, which can be folded in different ways. As a result, the user can benefit from an extra versatile device. Once opened, you have practically a tablets to work more productively.

In its most compact form, the device is about the size of a regular smartphone, but obviously a little thicker. However, the foldable OnePlus looks like it thinner than most "tripartite" smartphones we have seen to date. The flexible screen sits on the inside, so it stays well protected from scratches and bumps when folded.

oneplus foldable smartphone

When the foldable OnePlus is fully open, the user has a large display the size of a tablet at his disposal. There size appears to be similar to the prototype Samsung Display shown earlier this year and as the tri-fold TCL which was already shown in 2020. If desired, the user can also use only one or two parts of the display.

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