A future OnePlus smartphone will be branded Pac-Man and will also have an easter egg

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OnePlus it is not new to collaborations with other companies when it comes to smartphones, but also smartwatches. In this regard, we recall the special edition of the Cyberpunk 2077 themed smartphone, or the next ones smartwatches dedicated to Harry Potter. In short, there is to indulge yourself. But in the future a OnePlus smartphone may have to deal with Pac-Man, the famous yellow ball game created by the Japanese company Bandai Namco. Let's go see what the team of Oxygen Updater.

After several collaborations by OnePlus such as the one with Cyberpunk 2077, here is that the brand is preparing a collaboration with Namco's Pac-Man!

The latest update OxygenOS A.11, was announced on October 9, 2021 on OnePlus forums and has fixed several bugs related to power consumption, camera, network and system stability as well as bringing the Android security patch to the level of September 5, 2021. But not only . The developer J0kerling provided several APKs extracted from his device after installing the update and guess what? We found evidence of a future OnePlus device that will be dedicated in some way to Pac-Man.

More specifically, the team first noted that OnePlus Launcher has been updated to version 5.2.34 and that a new drawable has been added that is used when the device is locked. You can see everything from the photos above. The team then saw that a new XML configuration file (named default_workspace_5x5_pacman.xml) is that Pac-Man 256 app (package name eu.bandainamcoent.pacman256) is part of the "OnePlus" folder present in the default homescreen. Basically, the Pac-Man game will be integrated on your smartphone, as a pre-installed app.

Finally, there is the presence of new strings that suggest a special one Always on Display clock, as well as support for wireless charging. A little easter egg: there will be a special adhesive in the Gallery app (reported to version 4.0.307) which should be unlocked after charging the smartphone via Warp Charge after 256 minutes. For the uninitiated, 256 are the total levels of the famous game.

That said, it does not mean that it is in effect a smartphone, but possibly a special edition of an existing OnePlus that will arrive shortly.

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