OnePlus wants to pre-install Netflix and Facebook but users disapprove

Without a doubt one of the best UI around is OXYGEN di OnePlus. Many certainties and few problems. Users are happy with the service (both paying and having) that the brand is giving, especially thanks to IDEAS. We have already talked about this platform: here users offer improvements from time to time to the personalized interface they are fond of. We have seen that a few days ago a total of 15 features will likely be visible in the coming months. But all that glitters is not gold since the brand has proposed to install applications out of the box, therefore immediately, apps that users don't want to have.

Netflix, Facebook and the like are not necessary applications for OnePlus users and do not want them on their smartphones as pre-installed

To justify this idea, the brand said that pre-installing the applications, after doing several tests, leads to a less battery drop while using them. Furthermore, this implies a one improved HDR playback.

oneplus pre-installed netflix and facebook applications

As anticipated, however, users do not agree as having these applications immediately would lead to an experience not bloatware-free of the system. Already clean and snappy OXYGEN it enjoys an excellent reputation also thanks to the user experience without any weighting from third-party apps. Those who are used to this type of experience poorly digest third party applications, especially if they are not used.

Obviously the main criticism that was made to OnePlus was: why pre-install them if they can be downloaded from the PlayStore? But there were also users who criticized the brand much more heavily:

Truth is OnePlus gets paid money from Netflix and Facebook to have their apps pre-installed

The truth is that OnePlus is paid for by Netflix and Facebook to pre-install their applications

In short, at the end of the fair most users do not agree with this move. We are confident that, as has already happened, the company is listening to user advice.

Via | Piunikaweb

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