Here is the metaverse according to OnePlus on Roblox

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Roblox is a digital platform for developing virtual spaces. It is possible to create characters with square heads with which to perform certain actions. Well, Pete Lau's company decided to create their own world on Roblox and call it OnePlus World. In addition to being a very nice space, the company gives the opportunity to win true wireless headphones. Let's see the details.

OnePlus World is the virtual world created by the Chinese company on Roblox. She is not the first to do it, on the contrary: Spotify and Nike have done so too

The Chinese mobile manufacturer has announced OnePlus World, a kind of metaverse created in Roblox inspired by the product catalog offered by the brand. Charging stations can be found in this virtual space SuperVOOC (the fast charging technology of Oppo devices) with which we can make our character run faster.

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You can come across various activities and games such as treasure hunt, skydiving, motorcycle racing and hoverboarding. But one of the coolest things is that the brand hid 200 gift vouchers in OnePlus World games to get a free pair of headphones. It is not yet known whether it is the OnePlus Buds or another model, since the brand has not specified it on its own place.

It should be noted that the announcement of this virtual world of the brand takes place as part of the planned launch of OnePlus 10T. In this way, it is likely that with the arrival of this new smartphone some sort of event will be held at OnePlus World. 

For more information, please visit the Roblox official website.

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