Official Oppo AirVOOC Wireless 40W and Oppo Enco W31: details and prices

Yesterday our beloved brand presented the smartphone that we all expected, Oppo Ace 2. To tell the truth, we still expect it since its release was only Chinese, but we hope it will arrive shortly. In addition to this smartphone monster, the brand also presented the wireless charger matched to him, the 40W one, and the Oppo Enco W31 headphones. We have already talked about these two on several occasions but today we see them in detail.

Oppo presents the 40W wireless charger and the new Enco W31 headphones. Here are all the details

Let's start talking about wireless charger from 40W. First of all the recharge AirVOOC that the brand showed us on April 40st as a joke, well, it actually exists. This is indeed the name of Oppo's XNUMXW wireless charging technology.

oppo airvooc 40w wireless charge

The debut of this technology leaves everyone speechless as the brand is the first to achieve a wireless charging of this range, or rather, power. Thanks to a home-built chip of which the brand filed the patent long ago, the base that we see in the picture allows you to recharge a 4.000 mAh cell in just 50 minutes. Moreover, with just 5 minutes of charging you can use a device (Oppo Ace 2 for example) for an hour.

As you can see the design of this base that carries the AirVOOC technology is smooth, clean, like all the devices of the brand. Inside there is one butterfly cooling fan which allows you to always keep the temperature below 39 C °. The device is also equipped with a technology that mutes the fan noise: comes in handy at night. Of course, other smartphones equipped with wireless charging support can also be recharged, but whatever their voltage theinput energy will always be 10W. Only Oppo devices will be able to enjoy the 40W.


The price of the AirVOOC 40W Wireless Charger is equal to 249 yuan, equal to € 32 at the current exchange rate.

oppo airvooc 40w wireless charge

Oppo enco w31

Let's now move on to the second product, namely headphones Oppo enco w31. These are clearly some TWS headphones (true wireless) and can count on a driver from 7 mm, Bluetooth 5.0 e IP54 certification. Small clarification: this certification does not mean that the headphones are protected from diving in water but only that they are resistant to sweat and splashes of water. What makes these headphones excellent (better than the AirPods in this case) is the latency. According to what was announced by the brand, the delay of the sound is only 94 ms when used in pairs while going down to 47 ms if only one of the headphones is used.

oppo enco w31 tws

The Oppo Enco W31 headphones use headphones graphene and TPU speakers to improve the quality of the highs and lows. They also integrate support for AAC codec and SBC audio format for a more crystal clear sound resolution and more defined details. Each headphone has two built-in high sensitivity microphones that allow you to pick up the sound in an excellent way and to better process it thanks to the ENC noise reduction: this separates the human voice from environmental noises. In this way, the interference of external sounds and wind does not affect the quality of the sound.

oppo enco w31 tws

In terms of autonomy they are equipped with a battery from 25 mAh which guarantees 3.5h autonomy. This reaches 15 hours thanks to the battery of oval case of 350 mAh. The price of the Enco W31 is 299 yuan, about € 40 at the current exchange rate.

It has not yet been announced for both products when they will be available in Europe, but we hope that in a few months we could see them too.

Source | Weibo

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