Oppo A74 is a monster of autonomy according to DxOMark: the test

As we got to see some time ago, DxOMark has also entered the smartphone battery testing industry. After bingo with photographic and audio tests of mobile devices, now it's also up to the autonomy of the machines themselves. Today the specialized team tested the battery and autonomy of Oppo A74 (presented in April). How did it go? Quite well considering he finished second in the standings! Let's see the details of the test.

DxOMark from poco has started to test the betterie (and autonomy) of the different smartphones: Oppo A74 is on second place in the standings!

Experts from DxOMark have evaluated the autonomy of Oppo A74, which is equipped with a battery from 5000 mAh. At the same time, a 33 W charger. The autonomy of the Oppo A74 impressed the experts. Using the smartphone for two and a half hours a day, one battery charge lasted 92 hours. In four hours a day its battery lasted 64 hours. They have seven hours of using the device every day cleared the battery in 39 hours


However, the battery drained faster than the competition when the device was used for gaming. When it comes to video streaming, the smartphone performed pretty well. In addition, the excellent charging speed helped the device to score high. Then, from 0% to 100%, the battery was “replenished” in 1 hour and 11 minutes. Also, half an hour connected is enough to charge the device by 51%. 

According to the test results, Oppo A74 got 86 points: this is one of the highest results among all devices tested at this time in DxOMark. With a difference of 2 points, the smartphone is second only to the leader of the ranking, the Samsung Galaxy M51 with a 7000mAh battery.

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Last update of the 1 August 2021 07: 18
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