Oppo Ace 2 becomes independent but with a very high AnTuTu score

Remember when we first introduced the design of Oppo ace 2? At that moment we told you, supported by concrete evidence, of how this smartphone could be diverse somehow. We started talking about the name that didn't figure as belonging to the Reno series. The CEO Brian Shen never said anything about it but today, a week after the official presentation, we know that the device Oppo Ace 2 will be the first in an independent series dedicated to top players. We are also aware of the AnTuTu score from Ace 2 which is tall, very tall.

AnTuTu score and independent brand: Oppo Ace 2 brings us a lot of news

In a similar way to BlackShark with Xiaomi, but not entirely the same, the gaming sector of the Oppo brand is divided from the parent company. The announcement was made by CEO Shen Yi Ren with a Press release which we report below. In this he briefly explains the history of the smartphone series dedicated to gaming and the reasons that led to this split.

oppo ace 2 independent

With this letter addressed to the players who have always used Oppo Reno Ace, he says that after years of experimentation and feedback from the gamers, the decision was made to make the Ace line an autonomous line and disconnect it from Reno. The birth of this series is the response to Oppo's love for top players who love to have fun with their smartphone. Obviously he did not go into detail to explain the reasons, but we expect that in time we will know something more. For now, just know that the series Reno and the Ace series are two separate lines and they won't be together anymore.

The second news today is always about the aforementioned smartphone, but from a slightly more specific, technical angle. We are talking about the AnTuTu score, the well-known portal benchmarking which takes care of giving a score to smartphone performance. With the news of the split from Reno, you will expect that Oppo Ace 2 has a true high score

? And do well, because the score is huge, although it does not exceed that of BlackShark 3 Pro.

oppo ace 2 antutu score

First of all: how do we know it's him? PDHM00 is the code name shown on the TENAA portal and therefore there is no doubt. This smartphone scored a score of 560.217 points placing itself among the devices with the highest score ever. Combined with the fact that it will have one recharge from 65W in addition to various other exclusive features, it will be destined to become a record smartphone. The test of CPU receives 180.132 points while that of the GPU receives 210.310 ptsthe. The test of memory receives 89.927 points and finally that of UX receives 79.787 total points. Clearly, as for any benchmark portal (see Geekbench) the scores are easily editable, even more so if the device it is rooted as in this case.

Specifications Oppo Ace 2

Based on what we know so far, the ones you find below should be the final specifications device. They were taken from the TENAA portal and therefore the definitive ones will not be different.

  • measures: 160.0 × 75.4 × 8.6mm;
  • weight: 185 g;
  • : 6.5 ″ AMOLED panel with FullHD + resolution (2400 × 1080 pixels);
  • processor: unlike what was announced, the SoC will certainly be one Snapdragon 865 and not a Dimensity 100. This is because on the board it is written that the CPU gets to work at a maximum of 2.8 GHz: we know that the MediaTek processor reaches a maximum of 2.6 GHz;
  • RAM memory and internal storage: 8/12 GB of RAM and 128/256 GB of internal memory;
  • operating system:Android 10;
  • cameras rear: 48 + 8 + 2 + 2 megapixels (4K video recording);
  • camera front: 16 megapixel punch hole;
  • battery: double cell from 1955 mAh, overall 3.910 mAh.

Source | Weibo

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