Oppo and Vivo are on the podium for 5G smartphone sales

If Apple continues to dominate the 5G smartphone market undisputed, the latest report from Strategy Analytics puts two brands we know very well on the sales podium, namely Oppo e Vivo. The brand of the apple bitten in Q1 2021 remains at the top of the manufacturer's ranking with 40,4 million 5G iPhones shipped, with a global market share of 29,8%. However, on the podium there are two realities that are starting to make their way.

Oppo and Vivo: the gap is still high, but ...

In second place, as we can see in the image below, is Oppo: the Chinese brand, fresh from merger with OnePlus, sent 21,5 million units, and has a market share of 15,8%. A still very large gap compared to Apple.

To close the podium here is Vivo, with 19,4 million units shipped

and a market share equal to 14,3% of the market. Compared to Q4 of 2020, the company had a 62% increase in shipments. Not bad, in short. Both brands have increased their productions, a sign that growth is constant and who knows that one day may not lead to equal Apple.

Strategy Analytics concluded its report by estimating that global shipments of 5G smartphones this year will reach a figure of 624 million units. An incredible increase compared to 2020, when it stood at 269 million.

Updated on: 31 July 2021 03:18
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