Oppo announces its first smartphone with Snapdragon 865 for early 2020

Today a very important event was held conference in the tech field with the protagonist Qualcomm, undisputed standard-bearer in the chipset field. During this event numerous exponents of the greatest telephony giants had the opportunity to give some news related to their products. There was no shortage of figures linked to Motorola, in Xiaomi and not even at Oppo who announced a very important thing: his first smartphone with Snapdragon 865 will be born during the first months of 2020. He proudly announces it Alen Wu, vice president of Oppo and president of the global wing of the Chinese brand. Unlike Xiaomi, however, the exponent of the second brand in China has decided to do not reveal what the device will be that will bring this brand new chip.

Oppo announces its first smartphone with Snapdragon 865 for early 2020

The vice president of the company began his speech by giving a quick overview of the numbers created by the brand but above all of the flagship devices that have integrated, over time, the Qualcomm processors with more power. It started from the most beautiful (personal judgment) smartphone that has come out in the last 2 years or theOppo Find X. The company among the top 5 in the world has created a real gem of engineering since this is the first device in the world to release the camera thanks to a "pocket" sliding mechanism. This first smartphone mentioned by Mr. Wu is powered by a processor Snapdragon 845.

Secondly, Deputy Oppo mentioned the processor following the one under the body of Oppo Find X. In fact, he spoke of Snapdragon 855, placed in Oppo Reno 5G. Beyond the performances that this chipset gives, the importance of this device is as fundamental as it is the first in Europe to arrive with 5G connection support

. Also in this case, a record for our beloved brand, which is not allowed to eat in the head by anyone.

Continuing, we moved on to Snapdragon 855 Plus mounted on the brand new Reno Ace, which also boasts one Gundam Edition. On paper the performances of this processor promise one 15% higher power compared to the previous generation, with a consequent productivity that reaches very high levels. In addition, this SoC has been optimized for gaming, therefore thanks to its optimization we have a more than fluid experience on each title currently on the Play Store.

oppo snapdragon 865

To close, Alen Wu announced that next year, during the first quarter, Oppo plans to launch his own first smartphone with integrated Snapdragon 865.

Unfortunately specification data has not been disclosed of this chipset and we expect that we will remain in the dark until next year, when the US giant decides to officially distribute it. For now there is nothing left to hope for enhanced version of Reno Ace or in a new device. It is clear that this Snapdragon 865 will not be integrated into theOppo reno 3 pro.

Let's not forget another important communication from Mr. Wu: it will be thetelephone operator Tim to have the products first Oppo 5G.

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